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Have you ever wondered what it is like to start a life in a land of extremes – where cars fail to start due to the biting cold, berms of snow render roads impassable, with harsh winters filled with blinding blizzard conditions? But beyond this, is the existence of a close-knit community and friends who will go to any length to help each other enough to survive?  Beautiful and descriptive, Kristina Ahlnäs’s memoir Kristina’s Cache: A Memoir of Adventure and Survival follows Kristina’s relocation from Finland to Alaska’s untamed and unforgiving environment.  

A Finnish oceanographer, the author stumbled upon a real estate advertisement she deemed affordable in a place she only knew from her ski tours. Kristina made an offbeat decision many would hesitate to make; putting a down payment and starting a new life in a pristine land unchanged by man.

In her memoir, full of adventure and raw disposition, the author sheds a glimpse into her adventures in a new land; the challenges she faced, impactful experiences such as visiting an Eskimo land, forging friendships, and ultimately adapting to her new home. She started by paying $220/month rent – which was more than she could afford – to ardently build a comfortable log cabin with running water and heat – which took almost twenty years to complete. All the time, her resilience and determination shined as she learned to be self-sufficient.  These experiences serve as a fine example of a soul who dared to dream – and live it.

Kristina Ahlnäs has written accolades demonstrating a woman who whittled her place in life beyond bounds. As her book draws to a conclusion, she encourages her audience to follow their dreams asserting that through prayer, believing, and hard work, they can be realized. Beautiful and eye-opening photographs permeate this text and add to the authenticity of her voice throughout the pages. 

Well-realized and neatly written, Kristina’s Cache: A Memoir of Adventure and Survival is a worthy keeper. It’s about the reality of settling into a new country, and her words become a beacon for those who may consider her philosophy and follow their own dreams.

- Lily Amanda, Hollywood Book Reviews

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