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Hermes' Query and Tracking Program

Self-publishing is not the end but the beginning. If your goal is to attract the attention of traditional publishing houses then this service is for you. Here at Olympus Story House we offer the Hermes’ Query and Tracking Program that helps authors by providing a written query letter as well as endorsement to esteemed literary agents to assist you in your goal to get the limelight you and your book truly deserve.

A query letter is a concise and persuasive one-page document designed to capture the attention of literary agents or publishers. Writers use query letters to pitch their book ideas, providing a compelling overview of the manuscript's premise, genre, and target audience. The letter showcases the author's writing style, expertise, and relevant credentials. A well-crafted query letter is a vital tool for authors seeking representation or publication, as it serves as the first impression of their work. It should be engaging, professional, and convey the essence of the book, enticing recipients to request more material or consider representing the writer.

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