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Fathers not only influence who we are inside, but how we have relationships with people as we grow. Adoption Joys Book 2: Dads Make A Difference by missionary and adoption case worker Doris Howe, is a fundamental read which aspires to demonstrate the value of having a father figure, and the role he plays in every child’s life that cannot be filled by any other person. Howe has put forward the original Hebrew connotation of an orphan, as any offspring without a father and not necessarily without both parents as has been widely assumed. She feels the presence of a passionate and supportive father extensively impacts a child’s social and mental demeanor as well as their self-esteem and enthusiasm. She has ably integrated authentic accounts that back up the Godly concept of having both parents bring up a child, a notion which has seen many children become less prone to despair, trauma, and fear.


Howe stands sincerely confident in God’s passion to undo the fatherlessness culture which has spread far and broad – globally. She characterizes a father as a home chaplain, provider, guardian, and playmate, whose duties should not be taken up by a mother, but should remain as it was in the original plan of God since creation. Among the discoveries readers will meet, is the Aramaic word “Abba” and its resonant rapport with fatherhood, as well as the logic behind why the word was never translated into English. As the read advances, it will be apparent why kids who are well secured in their father’s love can easily resist temptations, insecurities, and peer intimidations. This short text will have readers comprehend a lot regarding adoption and its implication, particularly for single and underprivileged parents who may yearn to see their children have a better life than they can currently offer. Fathers who encounter this text will realize how great of an honor it is to be a dad, and how priceless of a calling it is, by the most excellent Father that ever was, and will forever be.


Adoption Joys Book 2: Dads Make A Difference is a marveling book that will competently help with some of the questions adopted children may have. The author’s disclosures, such as their ineptitude to have biological children are relatable subjects to many couples in identical crises, who may want to partake of the incomparable fulfillment and joy that parenting gives. Such couples will find this resource exceptionally practical in revealing why adoption is a viable family-building option.

Ephantus M., Pacific Book Reviews

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