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There is a need in this world for education. As human history has shown, those who are able to access education throughout their life are able to not only gain the skills and knowledge in their given field to be a success, but find the jobs that will allow them to survive in the world as a whole. Yet the way which we learn differs from person to person. Some find lectures and note taking to be their strong suit, while others are more hands-on and utilize creative pursuits that help illustrate the lessons being taught, such as music or art.

That is the lesson being taught in author Pettina Velez’s Learn Your ABC’s Through Art with Me. The author brings hand-painted images to help illustrate the oldest, most proven lesson a child can learn in their life, which is the ABC’s. The balance of art, education, and nature itself play a heavy role in this book, with the author using their artistic style and the animal kingdom to help bring each and every letter to life. The artwork is attention grabbing, allowing the reader to hone in on the association of the letter with the animal on each page, and the attention to detail in the author’s artwork made the book fly by at a natural pace. The artwork also allows the young readers to become engaged with the animals each letter represents, both real and fantastical, such as the U for Unicorn. The emotional connection the author establishes as a grandmother to her grandchildren also allows parents and children alike to find the heart of this book as well.

Through these lessons and the beautiful artwork that the author has utilized here, Learn Your ABC’s Through Art with Me by Pettina Velez is a truly remarkable children’s book and educational tool for both parents and children alike. The straightforward approach to each animal and letter, as well as the way the artwork compliments the animals and letter they represent made the book feel vibrant and alive on the page, as did the sense of creativity and joy that the author’s work brought out in the reader. If you are thinking of finding a high-quality children’s book to help bring the imagination and fun out of the Alphabet, be sure to grab your own copy of this wonderful book today.

Jack Chambers, Pacific Book Review

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