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Poet Claudette Inglis brings to this volume a rich sampling of feelings, aspirations, and personal philosophy underpinned by her Christian faith. The work opens with a paean to “Christian Unity” in which she makes gentle reference to her own world wanderings, suggesting that “though we are from different parts of the globe” we may unite for the good of all, through the help and oversight of Jesus. This offering is supported by biblical quotations, as are many of the poems presented. Her viewpoint is that of an individual who has seen worse days, and moved beyond them, as when she stares at the ceiling, remembering:“Though I drugged not,But drank a great deal…My good Lord He kept me from all harm.”


Through a wide range of human sufferings, both minor – “there are bills to be paid” – and major – “in bed with affliction” – when she is “mentally drained,” still she can experience the rock of her faith and the grace of Christ’s sacrifice, acknowledging that God “made the narrow road straight.” The Lord, she states, is “My Enlightener” – “not mystical, not a ghost,” but “the beacon for your ship.” In “Empowerment” Inglis encourages her readers to “believe you are…powerful…successful…visionary…an achiever…” as she has been given the understanding that she is “a child of the king.” It is one’s task and destiny to use one’s experiences as a strengthening factor, defining “Life” as “Living…Igniting…Fearless…Escalating.” Throughout this dynamic collection she stresses the reality she has come to positively experience – that through faith in God, all things are possible, and “success will be your uttermost goal” (“Direction”).


Inglis has taken on many challenges and changes, grounding herself through perseverance and perspective. Her life journey began in the Antilles; at twenty, she moved to London, England, became a nurse, and, in 1979, migrated to America where she graduated from the Suffolk County, New York, Police Academy, gained US citizenship and became certified in Christian counseling. Writing has become a mainstay for her, reminding her, as she reminds others, of the importance of spiritual exploration and Christian conviction. Her poems delve into common human conditions with which those both within and outside her specific belief system may well identify. Her charming array of phrase and praise could inspire both groups and individuals to follow her lead, both in her religious adherence and in the creation of their own well-chosen words.

-Barbara Bamberger Scott, Pacific Book Review

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