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From assisting and trapping to insteps and corner kicks, Soccer is for Me explains it all. It is a detailed and thoughtful book full of real-life pictures designed to introduce kids to the game of soccer. Young readers follow the thoughts of Meghan, a young girl who has been playing soccer for a little while but still has a lot to learn. Through photos, drawings, and helpful game plans, Meghan explains everything you need to know about soccer and what makes it a great sport.

Todd Schaus has created a very thoughtful children’s book. It is full of helpful soccer definitions that are explained in ways that are easy for young kids to understand. For example, Meghan says, “In practice we usually spend some time working on the push pass. It is the most accurate way to pass the ball. A push pass is with the inside part of your foot. To do a push pass you turn the passing foot outward, with your toe lifted up, and lock your ankle so your foot will not wobble.” Each definition has a picture or two to go with it to make it even easier for kids to understand each concept. Todd Schaus has also thought to bold soccer-related words throughout the book so children can easily understand what it is they are learning about. But one of the best things about this book is that Todd Schaus explains what it’s like to play on a team, from getting the coach’s advice to going through the handshakes at the end of each game.

Soccer is for Me is a great introduction to soccer. It is a good reminder that you don’t always have to watch a video or see a game to be acquainted to a new sport. Reading about it and looking at pictures is also an option, and for some kids, that is the most helpful way to learn about new things. Soccer is for Me also inspires kids to go outside and practice the skills they’ve learned from the book. It’s a great way to get kids active and engaged with the sport. Overall, Soccer is for Me is a detailed and helpful resource worthy of a place in every child’s library. It is a valuable resource for parents, coaches, and children alike.

Michaela Gordoni, Pacific Book Review

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